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Welcome to Cobo Blázquez & Carretero, a renowned law firm resulting from the merger of CB Abogados and JCA Abogados, founded by Antonio Cobo Vallecillo and Javier Carretero, respectively, both established in Marbella since 1990.

We offer legal and tax-accounting services with an approach based on experience, efficiency, attention, collaboration and impartiality. Our firm specialises in providing legal support in various jurisdictions and practice areas, including real estate law, urban planning law, conveyancing, family law and contracts, as well as tax and accounting services for individuals and companies. Get to know the professionals behind our success, each committed to providing you with the highest level of support and guidance in navigating your legal matters in Andalusia and beyond. Elevate. Innovate. Advocate.

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Legal Practice Areas

Tax Law & Accounting

CBC Law Firm offers a wide range of tax law services for companies and individuals, including tax advice, planning, and declarations for taxes such as VAT, Income Tax, Corporate Tax, Inheritance Tax, and more. We provide accounting services for individuals, SMEs, and large companies, handling drafting, supervision, and preparation of accounts. Our firm also assists with economic administrative procedures, administrative litigation, and all administrative matters, including document processing and tax return submissions. 

Conveyancing and Real Estate Advisory

CBC Law Firm specializes in Real Estate law, offering services such as legal property status checks, contract drafting, client representation, and post-completion assistance. 

Land Planning and Urban Planning

CBC Law Firm offers advisory and management services in diverse matters, including land-use planning and urban planning. Our services include consultations on urban conditions, drafting of urban planning due diligence, preparation of opinions and reports, management of urban planning licenses, processing of urban plans, and more.

Companies and Contracts

CBC Law Firm offers a range of legal services for companies, including corporate matters like company secretariat, structural modifications, and dissolution. They also handle contractual issues such as sale of companies, legal audits, and joint venture agreements. In addition, they provide procedural services like challenging social agreements and defending in foreclosure cases. Our expertise extends to bankruptcy, refinancing, tax advisory, and accounting services.

Family and Inheritance

CBC Law Firm provides personalized advice on succession planning, analyzing options tailored to the client’s interests and family situation, considering tax implications. The firm guides clients in drafting wills and offers comprehensive assistance in testamentary and intestate successions, ensuring compliance with formal and tax obligations.

Out-of-Court and Litigation Services

CBC Law Firm offers extensive expertise in court defense across civil, criminal, and administrative jurisdictions. Our firm excels in out-of-court conflict resolution, providing personalized advice in contract drafting and monitoring.

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When it comes to selecting legal representation, trust, expertise, and proven results are paramount. At Cobo Blázquez & Carretero Law Firm, we understand the weight of this decision and have built our reputation on these core principles. Our success is not just about numbers; it’s about client satisfaction, case outcomes, and the dedication of our team. When you choose us, you are choosing excellence, integrity, and unwavering commitment to meeting your legal needs. Experience the difference with Cobo Blázquez & Carretero Law Firm in Marbella.

Cobo Blázquez & Carretero Law Firm in Marbella

Meet the partners

Antonio Cobo Vallecillo socio principal y abogado de CBC Abogados

Antonio Cobo Vallecillo

Partner & Lawyer

Prefil del socio principal Javier Carretero

Javier Carretero

Partner & Lawyer

Socio principal y abogado Antonio Cobo Gonzalez de CBC Abogados Marbella

Antonio Cobo Gonzalez

Partner & Lawyer

Prefil socio principal Elisa Blázquez Buceta

Elisa Blázquez Buceta

Partner & Lawyer

Socio director Antonio Blázquez Pries de CBC Abogados

Antonio Blázquez Pries

Partner & Lawyer

Rafael Duarte, socio de CBC Abogados

Rafael Duarte Martínez

Partner & Lawyer

Ignacio Arsuaga Briones, socio y experta en derecho inmobiliario

Ignacio Arsuaga Briones

Partner & Lawyer

Prefil del socio Santiago Lapausa de CBC Abogados

Santiago Lapausa

Partner & Economist

Our values

At our firm, we prioritize confidentiality and maintain absolute independence in our professional actions when serving our clients. Our team members possess vast experience and robust knowledge, which is continually updated through ongoing training. This commitment ensures that we can adapt and anticipate the dynamic changes within the legal landscape to provide our clients with informed and effective legal counsel.

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